HABILLO (Xabillo), ELIJAH BEN JOSEPH (Maestro Manoel; second half 15th cent.), Spanish philosopher and translator of philosophical writings. Habillo was an admirer of Christian scholasticism, and translated some of the works of the Christian scholastics from Latin into Hebrew, including: thomas aquinas ' Quaestiones disputatae, Quaestio de anima ("She'elot ba-Nefesh"), De animae facultatibus ("Ma'amar be-Koḥot ha-Nefesh," published by A. Jellinek in Philosophie und Kabbala, 1854), De universalibus ("Be-Inyan ha-Kolel"), and questions on Aquinas' treatise De ente de essentia ("She'elot Ma'amar be-Nimẓa u-ve-Mahut"); William of Occam's three treatises entitled Summa totius logicae ("Perakim be-Kolel"), to which he added an appendix, and Quaestiones Philosophicae; and the pseudo-Aristotelian Liber de causis ("Sefer ha-Sibbot"). It is also supposed that Habillo translated anonymously Vincenz of Beauvais' De universalibus under the title Ma'amar Nikhbad be-'Kelal' (see M. Steinschneider , Parma Ms. no. 4577). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: S. Munk, in: OLZ, 7 (1904), 725; Munk, Mélanges, 303; Steinschneider, Uebersetzungen, 265, 470, 477, 483.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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